Remember before Covid, when we had a public programme and ran residencies?


This year Failbetter is going to be doing what it does best. Being a down’n’dirty arts space with ridiculous shows that wouldn’t happen elsewhere and providing space and time for people to develop ideas without an expected output.

We’ll be kicking off with studioholder’s exhibition “MARCH FORTH!” opening 04/03/23 where we’ll be announcing our 23 programme.

Over the course of the year we’ll be also be hosting 4 two-week residencies, and for the first time we’re accepting applications!
We offer:
Use of the Failbetter Project Space for two weeks
Two full days of mentoring/support
£50 towards expenses (we wish it was more, but we have zero public funding)

We expect:
That you use the time and space in a way that is beneficial to your practice

and that’s it… no defined outcome, no expectation of an exhibition, just to use it in a way that’s beneficial to you. This could be to make or show work, to get photos, develop a website, or have a space to run around going “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” for 14 days solid.

To apply send an email with a brief (50-200 words) idea of what you would like to do with links to where we can see your work/find out more about you or attach a few images/brief artist’s statement to – feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

A full call out will follow in the next few days

Image Credits: Ed Wakefield, Fiona Shaw, Sophie Bancroft, Anita Zychniewicz, Vicky Roden


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