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To visit: head to The Old Wig, 55 Great Tindal St Birmingham B16 8DR

Directions from Arena Birmingham
1. Stand on the canal path outside the Arena with the canal on your left and the sea life center over the canal.
2. Walk along the Wolverhampton line of the canal keeping the canal on your left for about 5 min.
3. You’ll come to the Distillery and Roundhouse on your right.
4. Exit the canal on the next Bridge (St Vincent St)
5. Look straight ahead and you’ll see a big white building with FRANK ALLART written across it and some old redbrick factories behind.
6. Cross the road and turn left so that the factory is now on your right. Follow the road and head towards the factory.
7. You’re now on Great Tindal St! Walk along for 1 – 3 min until you see a small green sign saying Great Tindal street studios and a sign saying 55.
8. If you pass a garage you’ve gone too far!

Following is a short video showing the walking route along the canals from Arena Birmingham

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