Supporters & Thanks

Failbetter would not exist without the help of many, many people. While we’ll never be able to thank everybody as we would like, the following are those who have contributed time, money and effort into giving us the opportunity to renovate ourselves.

Katharine Wade

Fiona Shaw

Julia Bloomfield

Katie Stafford

Antonio Roberts

Lara Ratnaraja

Joe Stogdale

Paul Newman

Sarah Walden

Elena Cassidy-Smith

Mark Vallance

Dan Auluk

J Arbuckle

Marit Cooper

Clare Caudery

Rope Press

Kurt Hickson

Paul Wilde

Sonya Russell-Saunders

Ian Andrews

Marcus Keating

Anita Zychniewicz

Nick Preston

Sophie Bancroft

Liz R Ord

Magdalena Jasiak

Ed Wakefield

Karolina Korupczynska

David Checkley

Vicky Roden

Ian Messenger

Steve Ball

Ruth Claxton

Cheryl Jones

Pete Ashton

Grace A Williams

Patrick Goodall

The build was designed and organised by

Alex Billingham

Many, many thanks to you all, and to everybody else who ever shared a link, liked a Tweet or forwarded a Facebook post.