Covid 19 – An Update

We’re all very aware of the current global situation – in the UK we’re three weeks into a six week lockdown, and everything is exceedingly unsure.

As Failbetter is primarily an artists’ studio space funded entirely by the artist studio holders and any donations that come in, I’ve been holding off on making any kind of statement until I had more of an idea of what the future held. I’ve realised that, by that logic, I may never actually address this particular elephant in the middle of the room.

The use of the space is down to the individual artist studio holders – if they are able to safely get to and use their studios then it is their personal choice. However I am recommending that they work from home wherever possible.

My current concerns are keeping the space operating for the studioholders to be able to return to. As such this has led to the postponement of the residency programme for this year and I’m considering other means of supporting artists. All public facing events have also been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Stay safe everybody, and hopefully we’ll be back doing gloriously random activities and providing a safe space to experiment very soon.



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