Fiona Shaw

Fiona Shaw – Survivalism

I’m an artist based in London, originally from The North [as it’s called on motorway signs]

I make things that have a sense of isolation or abandonment, or a feeling of having become arcane through circumstance and neglect. Exploring human longing and personal disaster through the aesthetic of worldly catastrophe, and how we find comfort [for good or ill] in the distance offered by objects and the immersive nature of fiction.

Our reality has always been mediated by stories in some form, now even more so in an age of technological prevalence. How do we attain any sense of authenticity? Is fiction authentic in itself?

In residence 10/08-23/08/2018

Residency Event 23/08/2018 6-8pm


Dig Me Out Dig Me In (2017) graphite & watercolour on card, 168x119cm

For Dig Me Out of The Woods, Vivid Projects, August 2017